Company History


History & Culture

Kahn Construction Corporation, a Colorado owned and operated general construction company established in 1990, has earned a solid reputation as a proven performer in the construction industry. We are constantly reaffirming the values that define our company and its reputation for building quality projects. The keys to our success are the experience, pride, and dedication of our employees who are committed to the advancement of professionalism in our industry. An entrepreneurial spirit creates empowered people who are enthusiastic about their jobs and genuinely involved with the needs of our clients.

We encourage a team environment in which people are well trained and fully aware of how their personal contributions influence the company’s success with each new project, thereby providing them with a sense of belonging and self esteem.

Honesty & Integrity

A contractor’s reputation is only as good as their relationship with owners, developers, architects and subcontractors. Understanding other team members’ priorities, goals, and concerns is as important to us as it is to them. Our strong sense of teamwork is the foundation of our project approach. Creating an atmosphere of trust and respect builds successful projects and lasting relationships.